Sprint Contract Buyout Offer Details

Clean Slate℠ Details

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Here's how to get a Clean Slate

Bring your number to Sprint, trade-in your phone and register online.

  • Clean Slate refers to our offer to cover your switching costs up to $650. The eligible costs include the Install Bill Balance for your previous phone and Early Termination Fees. Your taxes, plan charges or any other charges are not eligible.
  • Bring your mobile number to Sprint and activate on Sprint Flex lease or purchase.
  • Trade in the phone tied to your phone balance or Early Termination Fee.
  • We'll send you a Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Account or Prepaid Mastercard for your switching cost minus the trade–in credit already provided.
  • Still need to trade in your phone? Go to your nearest Sprint store or sprint.com/buyback to process your trade-in.
  • Once complete, come back to register.
  • Some exclusions apply, see Terms & Conditions.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll need:

  • The mobile number you switched to Sprint and the serial number of the phone you traded in. The serial number can be found on your sales receipt. Click HERE for help finding this on your receipt.
  • A copy of your final itemized bill from your previous carrier showing your Installment Bill Balance for the phone you traded-in and Early Termination Fee if applicable.

To complete the online registration and upload your bill:

  • Complete the online registration for each phone number switched to Sprint within 60 days of activation, making sure to include the final bill for the phone from your previous carrier showing the installment bill balance due and early termination fee if applicable.
  • Make sure the submitted bill matches the phone number you switched to Sprint.
  • Enter the switching fee claim for the installment bill balance and early termination fee only. Your claim should not include any taxes or service plan charges. Need help finding these fees on your bill? Click on carrier below to see bill examples.

When will I receive my Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Account or Prepaid Mastercard?

  • Expect to receive your prepaid card or virtual reward within 6-8 weeks of activation and completed registration.
  • Remember your account must remain active and in good standing.
  • Click here to check the status of your prepaid card or virtual reward. You’ll need your confirmation number, phone number, or the email address used for registration.