Sprint Contract Buyout Offer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching Costs

Clean Slate is the name of our offer to cover your switching costs up to $650. The eligible costs include the Install Bill Balance for your previous phone and Early Termination Fees. Your taxes, plan charges or any other charges are not eligible. Sprint makes it easy.

The Install Bill Balance for your previous phone and/or Early Termination Fee are eligible charges for this offer. Your taxes, plan charges or any other charges are not eligible.

Sprint will cover up to $650 of your switching costs. The total value of your switching costs is provided in stages - - part at the time you trade in your previous device, and the remainder via a virtual reward or prepaid card. Online registration is required to get your card.

Yes, we want you back at Sprint! Please be aware that if you leave Sprint within one year of switching you will be charged up to the amount of the virtual reward or prepaid card received.


Your account number can be easily found using the My Sprint app on your phone. Just select the Billing icon and then View My Bill. Your account number is also available after logging in at www.sprint.com

The virtual reward or prepaid card will be issued to the name provided in the registration form. This name should be the customer’s name, not a Sprint retail rep (who may be helping perform the registration).

No. The Sprint account can be in a different name. However, if there are any issues with the registration that require validation with the prior carrier, the caller/customer will have to be authorized to speak on the prior carrier account (they have authentication rules too).

If you are having trouble uploading your prior invoice, you may submit via email at buyout@sprint.com. Simply attach the final wireless bill from your previous carrier showing the following three items.

  1. Prior carrier account
  2. The device type/model of the phone traded-in
  3. ETF and/or Installment-Bill balance for the ported phone number


You should trade in the phone tied to your Early Termination or Install Bill Balance. Likely that phone will have trade-in credit. If for some reason it does not, you still must trade it in.

No, this offer requires the trade in of your previous phone tied to your Early Termination or Install Bill Balance.

The serial number from your trade-in is on the receipt you received during the trade-in transaction. Your sales representative may have written it on the flyer provided or helped you take a picture of the receipt. You may also call the Sprint store or Care at 888-211-4727 or dial *2 from your Sprint phone to get the serial # you traded-in.

No, you may not receive this offer to cover your switching fees since it requires that your phone is in good working order. Your phone must power on, have screen intact, have no broken, cracked or missing pieces and the activation lock disabled.

This is likely because the phone serial # was improperly entered during the trade-in transaction. Once the phone is received by our warehouse, we will correct the serial # and send you a confirmation email. Use the serial number from that email and try your registration again.

The device you entered in your trade-in quote was likely not the same device received by the warehouse. That is why the initial quote you received and the trade-in amount credited do not match.


This offer requires trade-in of your previous phone. If you do not own your phone, and trade-in your phone to Sprint your prior carrier will likely bill you for your remaining phone balance plus cost to buy out your lease. Sprint will cover these costs up to maximum of $650.

No, only phones with a number switched from a Sprint competitor are eligible.

When Sprint is running a minimum trade-in promotion, you must decide if you would prefer to have more money to use during your sales transaction or more money loaded to your virtual account or prepaid card.

For example, suppose your switching costs are $300. Your phone trade-in value is $100. Sprint is running a $200 minimum trade-in promotion. You can choose to either:

  1. Take the $200 minimum and then receive the remaining $100 later via virtual reward or prepaid card. This will help you cover immediate costs like activation fee, down payment, accessories, or to reduce your monthly phone payment. You will receive $100 later via virtual reward or prepaid card.
  2. Take the standard $100 trade-in value and receive the remaining $200 via virtual reward or prepaid card. This approach will give you some credit to use for your immediate costs, and more later which you could use to pay off your prior carrier.
Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Account or Prepaid Mastercard

You have 60 days from activation to register at sprint.com/joinsprint. Phone must be active for 30 days and remain active and in good standing through the card fulfillment process. For reward delivery, allow 3 business days after registration approval for virtual reward or 15 days for prepaid card. The entire process typically takes 6-8 weeks from activation to card receipt. During this time, your phone must remain active and your account in good standing to remain eligible for your reward card.